Enid, 38, Manager

“I would say my anxiety was quite extreme when I decided to go see Nancy. I had taken up CBT and councelling before but I was still having symptoms. Nancy worked with me for 8 weeks and I feel so much happier and freer now. I just get on with enjoying my life without thinking about my phobia. At first she gave me techniques to manage the symptoms, which I used to great effect. Then  we worked on what was underlying – a lot of it came as a surprise to me! I don’t think I could’ve gotten over it without Nancy’s dedication and expertise. I am so grateful to feel ‘normal’, even happy, again.”

Keith, 35, Engineer

“I was having trouble getting over a sudden break up, I just couldn’t seem to pull myself out of it. I was also recovering from an injury which meant I couldn’t work or do much. I was really unhappy and lost, until I started having appointments with Nancy. She was very empathetic but helped me see my situation from a new perspective. The homeworks  she gave me between sessions were not onerous but enjoyable, and helped me to gradually get back on my feet. She helped me to feel less overwhelmed. I am now back working and have the confidence to move towards a career change. I feel much happier and stronger since seeing Nancy. I feel like she helped me through something big in my life and I would definitely see her again if something else came up.”

Andrea, 26, Charity Worker

“Thank you so much for all your help with my fear and panic about flying! I did the gliding session and it was incredible. I used the anchoring technique to build on the positive emotions. Then when I got on the plane yesterday I was so anxious I almost ran and got off and decided not to go. But I knew I had the EFT techniques to bring the panic back down and I got myself to stay on. The actual flight was Ok! I got to where I was on the scale when we did the visualisation where I reigned the panic back in. That combined with the anchoring got me here without fear! Thank you so much! I now know I’m able to take that long flight in 2019!”

David, 31, Teacher

“I contacted Nancy some time ago because I was having some trouble with my self-esteem. Many areas of my life were affected by the way I viewed myself: I was stressed at work and felt that my colleagues had negative opinions of me; I avoided contact with my friends; I was unwilling to take up hobbies that I had previously enjoyed for fear that I would be bad at them and my relationship was suffering because I felt that I didn’t deserve to have a loving partner.

In our first session, Nancy was very welcoming and quickly put me at ease; she assured me that many people feel as I did and that I was not alone in wanting to seek a solution. She listened without judgement to what I had to say and the questions she asked helped me to feel that she really cared about my situation and understood my point of view. Although I was willing to openly discuss my situation, she made it very clear that I needn’t tell her anything that I didn’t want to and that this would not impede the therapeutic process.

Over the course of three sessions in total Nancy demonstrated some simple techniques that had immediate effect. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after such a short space of time! She was encouraging and supportive throughout and her investment in me wanting to feel better about myself was clear. I was able to use the techniques she showed me in my everyday life and they were very helpful whenever I was having a bad day or felt like things were getting on top of me.

Since working with Nancy I am much less stressed. My head is clearer, I have vastly improved relationships, both personal and professional, and I have been able to develop routines and strategies that stop me from falling into the familiar pit of low self-worth. There is no way I would have expected such massive changes in my outlook after only a couple of hours but I can honestly say that my quality of life has improved greatly – and it is all thanks to Nancy!”

Dennis, 34, Tech support

“After only a few minutes into the session with Nancy I felt comfortable and at ease. I very quickly started to realise the root of some of my anxieties and how they had begun to affect my behaviour and confidence. I had regularly suffered from anxiety and it had become incredibly debilitating; a new role at work meant that I would have to make presentations to members of the board at my company and the thought of getting up there in front of them all turned me pale with fear. This side of my personality is something that I generally kept to myself so I knew that I really needed the help of someone that I could trust.

Talking to someone as empathetic and understanding as Nancy has truly helped me. The techniques that she helped me to develop are simple and were immediately effective – I can gladly say that I am a much happier and more confident person thanks to Nancy.”