Emily, 30, Banking

“I had issues around food since I was a child. Working with Nancy made me realise that this wasn’t about food at all, which I didn’t expect. Over 10 weeks she used hypnosis and NLP with me and gave me homework to do. She really listened to me and I never felt judged. I always felt like a weight had been lifted after sessions and so relaxed. The homework was great and really helped me feel like I had a voice and could very my anger, also see the good in my life. I used to be so angry but now I’m just so relaxed, it’s a massive and welcome change. Nancy helped me feel better about myself and with that I haven’t felt the need to be funny with food. I eat much healthier now and more variety without getting anxious. I am also going travelling and getting on so much better with friends and family. I believe that my anxiety and eating issue is the old me and I’m so grateful to have my life back at last.”

Published by Nancy Madden

My work is focused around helping people using therapeutic means. I specialise in trauma and anxiety recovery and their many guises. I teach people to overcome limiting beliefs and learned behaviours and I work with anyone who wants to make positive changes to themselves and their lives. I hold safe spaces for individuals to work through issues, alongside regularly writing, running workshops and groups online. Get involved with me by liking, commenting, following, sharing and subscribing to my social platforms - all links are on my main pages. Speak soon!