David, 31, Teacher

“I contacted Nancy some time ago because I was having some trouble with my self-esteem. Many areas of my life were affected by the way I viewed myself: I was stressed at work and felt that my colleagues had negative opinions of me; I avoided contact with my friends; I was unwilling to take up hobbies that I had previously enjoyed for fear that I would be bad at them and my relationship was suffering because I felt that I didn’t deserve to have a loving partner.

In our first session, Nancy was very welcoming and quickly put me at ease; she assured me that many people feel as I did and that I was not alone in wanting to seek a solution. She listened without judgement to what I had to say and the questions she asked helped me to feel that she really cared about my situation and understood my point of view. Although I was willing to openly discuss my situation, she made it very clear that I needn’t tell her anything that I didn’t want to and that this would not impede the therapeutic process.

Over the course of three sessions in total Nancy demonstrated some simple techniques that had immediate effect. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after such a short space of time! She was encouraging and supportive throughout and her investment in me wanting to feel better about myself was clear. I was able to use the techniques she showed me in my everyday life and they were very helpful whenever I was having a bad day or felt like things were getting on top of me.

Since working with Nancy I am much less stressed. My head is clearer, I have vastly improved relationships, both personal and professional, and I have been able to develop routines and strategies that stop me from falling into the familiar pit of low self-worth. There is no way I would have expected such massive changes in my outlook after only a couple of hours but I can honestly say that my quality of life has improved greatly – and it is all thanks to Nancy!”

Published by Nancy

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