Clara, 40, Mother of two

“Lots to celebrate – my sleep is now really good and lots of things have become much easier! I just wanted to tell you again what a big difference the time with you has made to my life. Thank you for doing this work with me & holding my hand on the journey. It is a massive gift for partner, my kids, my friends and family as well as for me. Not only because of the positive changes in me but also because it has given me a whole new set of concepts and ways of responding to them & talking to them about some of their experiences. An amazing insight into new possibilities! I’m looking forward to the next chapter!”

Published by Nancy Madden

My work is focused around helping people using therapeutic means. I specialise in trauma and anxiety recovery and their many guises. I teach people to overcome limiting beliefs and learned behaviours and I work with anyone who wants to make positive changes to themselves and their lives. I hold safe spaces for individuals to work through issues, alongside regularly writing, running workshops and groups online. Get involved with me by liking, commenting, following, sharing and subscribing to my social platforms - all links are on my main pages. Speak soon!