Dennis, 34, Tech support

“After only a few minutes into the session with Nancy I felt comfortable and at ease. I very quickly started to realise the root of some of my anxieties and how they had begun to affect my behaviour and confidence. I had regularly suffered from anxiety and it had become incredibly debilitating; a new role at work meant that I would have to make presentations to members of the board at my company and the thought of getting up there in front of them all turned me pale with fear. This side of my personality is something that I generally kept to myself so I knew that I really needed the help of someone that I could trust.

Talking to someone as empathetic and understanding as Nancy has truly helped me. The techniques that she helped me to develop are simple and were immediately effective – I can gladly say that I am a much happier and more confident person thanks to Nancy.”

Published by Nancy Madden

My work is focused around helping people using therapeutic means. I specialise in trauma and anxiety recovery and their many guises. I teach people to overcome limiting beliefs and learned behaviours and I work with anyone who wants to make positive changes to themselves and their lives. I hold safe spaces for individuals to work through issues, alongside regularly writing, running workshops and groups online. Get involved with me by liking, commenting, following, sharing and subscribing to my social platforms - all links are on my main pages. Speak soon!