Therapy For All


  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • Timeline Regression Therapy
  • EMDR 
  • NLP
  • CBT
  • Eye Movement Integration 
  • EFT
  • Word Weaving
  • Life Coaching


I have many therapeutic skills that we use to access your unconscious mind (where the problems are) and we change the thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns that are connected to and causing the problem. It’s not physically painful and it can be quicker than you might think.

We don’t have to keep going over the past, or even the problem. We just use simple but very effective processes that put you back in control of your thoughts and feelings. That’s what makes it so awesome and transformational.


First of all, our work is solution focussed. We are looking ahead and not back. While the past may hold some keys to unlocking what’s going on for you, we want to write you a new story. I see our work as reinventing the self, new and improved.

Hypnosis and light trance underpin what I do and here’s why. Multiple times a day we enter into light trance, think of it like daydreaming: driving, commuting, cooking and so on. It’s a very natural state, so natural that we even enter into this state when we are doing our problem (triggered) – phobia, bad habit, thought pattern, mood, negative behaviour and so on. We can use this trance state to understand what is going on for you in your unconscious and work out how to remove your problem, using the techniques listed above.


Our sessions together will appear more like a chat, but I am trained to find the root cause of your problem, even if you can’t remember it yet. Once we have located it I have a toolbox of techniques at my disposal to help you overcome whatever it is that is holding you back. It’ like updating an old software program in your brain. I help you to help yourself and that’s what makes these changes last. 


Have you ever arrived somewhere without recalling the journey? Have you ever reacted to a person or situation without thinking, as if it’s automatic? Have you ever felt out of control of your behaviour or actions? These are all types of trance, something that happens to us when our unconscious mind takes over.

There is a lot of science behind this that we don’t need to go into here, but the point is that when you are anxious, phobic, depressed and so on these are trances that you enter into, you just haven’t been aware of it.

It might be helpful to think of it as ‘de-hypnotsing’ you out of involuntarily repeatedly re-entering a problem state that is causing you discomfort or unhappiness.


I help you to find the cause and treat that so that the problem is gone for good. Part of working with your unconscious means that when we find something significant to work on I will use light hypnosis to guide you towards healing it. You are always in control and able to consciously communicate with me during sessions and hypnosis, I will ask questions and guide you through exercises.You remain awake and in control throughout the whole process.

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